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Refresh Your Bathroom

Swapping a few quick things can make your bathroom feel brand new.

Sometimes the idea of a bathroom remodel can feel really daunting. How long is it going to be out of service? What fixtures, tile, sink, style do I want in there? And how much is it going to cost?

Do you want a quick, inexpensive, but transformative bathroom refresh? This article is for you.

Sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t always have to mean: New tub, toilet, and tile. These are some big ticket items in both the time and cost department. By skipping these and maybe opting for a deep clean, you could save thousands. If you want a one day renovation try some or all of these options. 

  • Replacing your sink and vanity cabinet
  • Have a brand new mirror or medicine cabinet installed
  • Install new towel rods, toilet paper holder and shelves
  • Swap your lighting

Any or all of these can be done in a single day and can make a world of difference.