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Be A Great Customer; Get Great Service.

5 best practices for homeowners having service work down on their property.

  1. Be ready to greet your service worker or service team. Most home service workers are just as busy as you are. Time means money especially when they may have other appointments to make. Be on the ball and make sure your trades have access to the property on a time sensitive basis.


  2. Make sure necessary items are accessible and identify their locations if it isn’t clear. Don’t have boxes or toys in the way of the electrical panel, plumbing shut-offs, water heater, furnace, or any other item being serviced or replaced. Clear a path to these items and if you own something of value near where a trades person is working, move it out of the way for temporary safe keeping.


  3. Cats and dogs are a big part of what makes a house a home, but this can be at the least a minor inconvenience or dangerous for both the animal and the service person while working on a house. Make sure your pets are in an area of the home where you don’t have to worry about them interfering with a tradesperson. The same goes for children and sometimes yourself, make sure everyone stays safe.


  4. H2O. Many services involve using water such as carpet cleaning or cutting tile. Let the trades person know where is best and most appropriate location to access water. This can also be said for a thirsty contractor.


  5. Talk about restrooms upon arrival of the contractor. If you have a bathroom in the home that you want the service provider to use let them know. It’s never fun to have to leave a jobsite and scramble to find a restroom, it simply wastes time and money. If you don’t have one to lend, be upfront with the contractor and let them know where the nearest restroom is. If you have trades onsite for an extension of time perhaps consider a portable restroom. They are relatively affordable and are cleaned weekly by providers in most cases.