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Questions From Homeowners

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How long do I keep the scan? 

After we scan your home you keep it for life as long as you use the system. If you don’t use the system for 6 months the scan will go dormant. Aequo will bring the scan back for a small fee of $25.00 to use on your feature projects.  

How long does it take to scan? 

On average the scanning process can take 1-2 hours depend on square foot of the home and which pricing package you choose.  

What to do before a scan? 

Aequo will send you a minor list of items to do prior to having your scan completed. List mostly details picking up home, and making sure pets are secured.  

How do I save money? 

When using Aequo you can save money in numerous ways. Save money by not having to take time off work to meet a service provider for a bid. Save money by getting multiple quotes from your project so you know you are getting a competitive bid. Services providers save money using the Aequo system, so they are more likely to give our customers a great price. Earn money back with our referral program and our rewards program.   

How do I save time? 

Remote bidding is the answer. Service providers can view your projects and decided if it’s a good fit for them before they quote. Get up to four competitive bids back without having to meet with multiple contractors while taking away time from family or work to do so. Build your project once through our project builder and accept and schedule the work.  

How does the rewards process work? 

Earn cash back for jobs you have completed and submitted a rating for service provider in the form of a gift card. No limit to how much you can get back. You will receive rewards after project is completed and service provider is rated.

What services can be quoted using Aequo?  

Aequo allows you to request exterior and interior services. A full list of service providers can be found here. 


Can Aequo quote outdoor projects? 

Yes, Aequo can provide outside reports that can allow service providers to calculate siding amounts, measure windows and estimate a new roof. You can also upload video, photos and plans to better describe your project. 

How does Aequo allow you to send out remote requests for services? 

By using the latest technology that allows virtual tours of homes which allow service providers to measure and access a project remotely. Also exterior reports are used to generate material takeoffs for projects such as, siding, windows, roofing and more. You can also upload video phots and plans to better describe your needs.  

How do I put together the projects? 

Through Aequo Template builder you can select common projects and go through the steps provided or build a custom project from scratch.  

How does the template builder work? 

Aequo’s template builder guides you step by step through the scope of a project. It verifies what material will be used and where, service providers required, and times when project are to be performed. You will also have the ability to upload plans, add photos or videos to help describe project.  

What if I don’t know what the construction terms are while building your project? 

Aequo’s project build is extremely easy to use filled with phots and descriptions to help you build the right scope of work for your project.  

Can I ask contractors questions? 

During the bidding processes you may converse with the contractors through our website. You may ask questions or answer questions using pictures, photos, videos, and texts.  

Can I upload photos, plans, and video? 

Yes, photos, plans, and videos can be easily uploaded during project builder process and when conversion with contractors.  

How many quotes will I get for each project?  

Depending on availability you can expect to receive up to 4 quotes for each service provider involved in the project.   

How do I know who is bidding the projects? 

Aequo verified service providers are quoting the projects. You will see a short bio page of the contractor along with the quote.  

How do I get connected to a service provider to start the work? 

After you have selected a contractor through the bid process you and the service provider will swap contact info to start the project.  

When can I expect the work to begin? 

Once a home is scanned, and project has been built. Work can start as soon as you specify in the project builder.  

Who can see my info? 

Only Aequo verified service providers can view scans, exterior reports, videos, and photos and only if you requested a quote pertaining to their certified trade. Your personal info such as your address or phone number are never given to service providers unless you select them.   

What information do bidding service providers see? 

Only your scan, exterior report, and items that you have uploaded. A bidder will never have your contact info unless they are awarded the job. 


How do I know the contractors are qualified? 

All contractors are Aequo Certified. 

All contractors have as license if applicable for their service. 

Have been registered on the department of labor and industry if applicable for their service. 

Have had a criminal background check performed. 

Have provided Aequo with general liability and work comp COI’s if provider has employees.  

Has had multiple referrals verified by Aequo.  

How is my information kept safe? 

Aequo only lets verified contractors have access to log in to the system to view projects. Your home address are never revealed unless you award a job to a contractor. All monetary transactions are handled by Stripe. You can learn more about Stripe by clicking below. 


Why are we rating the contractors? 

Contractors are rated to ensure that the Aequo community has the best and most cost affective contractor in the industry. This is vital for everyone in the system, we want our service providers to get the praise they deserve for a job well done.  

How do I rate the contractors? 

After project is complete you will see a short question are for rating the contractor. Please keep in mind this is a necessary step in acquiring your rewards.

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Frequently Asked

Questions From Contractors

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Are these warm, cold, or fake leads?

Aequo was founded with the intention of making the home service industry fair for everyone involved. The projects found on our platform are all posted by Aequo Users themselves, and many of them have paid to have a scan of their home captured because they see the value in using the service. Unfortunately we can’t assure that the users will follow through with every project. If you think you have bid on a “fake” listing, please contact us below and we will investigate.

What info will I get from the homeowners when I’m deciding whether to bid or not?

You will be able to view any documents, photos, videos, and project information provided by the Property Owner, as well as the Matterport 360° scan of the property (if available). You will also be given the general geographic area of the Property.

Can I set my own operating distance?

This feature will be available very soon. Currently we are only allowing projects located within 35 miles of the Twin Cities. You will be updated when this feature is live.

How many other contractors am I competing with?

You will never be up against more than 3 other contractors for the same trade.

Can I bid on multiple trades?

Yes, you can bid on as many trades as you are qualified for. 

How do I measure off of the Matterport 360° scan?

After you’ve clicked on the scan you will see a toolbar at the bottom with a few key buttons. From there you can cycle between viewing angles, floors, and the measurement tool. Find the area of the property that you need to measure, select the “Measurement Tool”, and press the plus (+) button to begin measuring. We recommend measuring from Matterport scans on a computer rather than a phone or tablet for ease.

What cut does Aequo take?

The cost to bid a project changes based off of multiple factors like the estimated cost of the scope as well as what property owner user type submitted the project, and the number of bidders. The cost of the scope plays a large part in determining the “Bid Fee” as well as the “Win Fee”. The higher the cost, the lower the fee %. A project with 4 bidders will have a max bid fee of $45. Projects uploaded by “Free Users” are charged at half of that of a “Paid User”. Please view this .pdf to learn more about our fee structure.

aequo bid and win fees 02-09-2022


How am I paid?

You will be paid directly from the User that requested service. We are hands off after the connection is made between you and the User (Property Owner).


What do you need from my business for me to use your platform?

In order to sign up, you must present the following:

  • Proof of insurance
  • A criminal background check
  • Any necessary certifications and licenses needed for you to work in your trade in the state of Minnesota

How is my payment information kept safe? 

All monetary transactions are handled securely by Stripe. You can learn more about Stripe’s security by clicking below. 

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