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2022 Kitchen Design Trends

Are you looking for inspiration for your next kitchen upgrade? We have outlined our top 5 kitchens upgrades that we cannot get enough of in 2021.

Floating Shelves
Do you love your current kitchen but know that your cabinets are not working for you? Floating shelves might be your next kitchen upgrade. They add a modern twist while accentuating the size of your kitchen.

Glass Cabinets Doors
Glass cabinets give your kitchen an open concept feel without committing to a full kitchen upgrade. Adding the iconic glass cabinets doors brings a sense of the past into your kitchen. Creating a homier feel with a twist of modernization for you and your guests.

Gold Finishes
Gold finishes continue to be a consistent upgrade throughout 2021. When you start to think about a kitchen redesign, what is the first thing that pops into your head? The price of appliances, countertops, cabinets, etc., and the list gets longer and the price gets higher. Gold finishes are a price-efficient way to add a modern feel without spending thousands of dollars.

Mixed Materials
Creating contrast by using different materials that complement each other is key when designing your kitchen. Gold finishes and dark tones or marble and dark wood create a unique and personable touch to your kitchen.

Painting Your Cabinets
Adding a pop of color to your kitchen creates a sense of ownership to your spaces. Your kitchen should reflect who you are and ultimately be inviting to you and your guests. Create a fresh and contemporary feel with blue cabinets or create a dark drama feel with all dark-colored cabinets. The rainbow is endless and so is your imagination, create a place that allows your culinary art to come to life.

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